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R.R. TRADING is one of the fastest growing exporters of used vehicles. We cover the whole range of vehicles, from fuel-efficient mini cars to sturdy buses and construction equipment.
R.R. TRADING has a corporate philosophy where the customer comes first. This philosophy made it possible to grow our customers around the world within 2 year’s time. We provide the best service and solutions to our customers in many different ways.
Best stock of vehicles ensures ready availability of an enormous variety of high-quality vehicles which can be shipped within the shortest possible time.
Our auction system (both USS and AUC-Net groups) provides access to over 90,000 vehicles per week while offering the most competitive prices in both commission and logistics. R.R. TRADING has been steadily investing millions of dollars into its infrastructure to create an unmatched logistical services that now include dismantling, mechanical repairs, body repairs, maintenance, pre-shipment inspection, partial and complete paint work done in a professional paint booth, in-house container loading terminal, large capacity for RORO shipping (roll on and Roll off), its own land property used as parking lots. As a result RR TRADING has become the only export company in Japan that can offer ONE-STOP solution where you can not only purchase vehicles but can also do any vehicle related logistical work and this “ONE STOP SOLUTION” is our biggest competitive advantage as compared to “Buy and Sell” companies or “Auction Agents” that either do not provide any logistical support or only partially outsource logistical work to third parties in different locations at much higher prices.

Our international sales team is fluent in 6 languages, ensuring that communication is always smooth, efficient and convenient with our customers who are from 5 continents and more than 107 countries. Our representatives are not only professional in purchasing and logistics but they can also give good advice with your local custom’s requirements and the least expensive way for you to import a particular vehicle.

R.R. TRADING prides itself to be a truly global corporation exporting vehicles to 107 countries to many customers around the world. Our unmatched logistical capabilities enabled us to ship to virtually all major ports around the globe.

Currently we can ship to the below countries (if you cannot find your country please send us an email with that country and we will inform you regarding available shipping options

  1. Flag of Angola Angola
  2. Flag of Anguilla Anguilla
  3. Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Flag of Armenia Armenia
  5. Flag of Australia Australia
  6. Flag of the Bahamas Bahamas, The
  7. Flag of Bahrain Bahrain
  8. Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh
  9. Flag of Barbados Barbados
  10. Flag of Belarus Belarus
  11. Flag of Belize Belize
  12. Flag of Benin Benin
  13. Flag of Botswana Botswana
  14. Flag of Brunei Brunei
  15. Flag of Burundi Burundi
  16. Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
  17. Flag of Cameroon Cameroon
  18. Flag of Canada Canada
  19. Flag of Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
  20. Flag of Chile Chile – Republic of Chile
  21. Flag of the People's Republic of China China
  22. Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo
  23. Flag of the Republic of the Congo Congo
  24. Flag of the Cook Islands Cook Islands
  25. Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica
  26. Flag of Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire
  27. Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  28. Flag of Denmark Denmark
  29. Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
  30. Flag of Estonia Estonia
  31. Flag of Fiji Fiji
  32. Flag of Finland Finland
  33. Flag of France France
  34. Flag of Gabon Gabon
  35. Flag of The Gambia Gambia, The
  36. Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia
  37. Flag of Germany Germany
  1. Flag of Ghana Ghana
  2. Flag of Greece Greece
  3. Flag of Guyana Guyana
  4. Flag of Haiti Haiti
  5. Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong
  6. Flag of India India
  7. Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
  8. Flag of Ireland Ireland
  9. Flag of Italy Italy
  10. Flag of Jamaica Jamaica
  11. Flag of Japan Japan
  12. Flag of Jordan Jordan
  13. Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  14. Flag of Kenya Kenya
  15. Flag of Kiribati Kiribati
  16. Flag of South Korea Korea, South
  17. Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
  18. Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
  19. Flag of Latvia Latvia
  20. Flag of Lesotho Lesotho
  21. Flag of Liberia Liberia
  22. Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
  23. Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
  24. Flag of Madagascar Madagascar
  25. Flag of Malawi Malawi
  26. Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
  27. Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia Micronesia
  28. Flag of Mongolia Mongolia
  29. Flag of Mozambique Mozambique
  30. Flag of Myanmar Myanmar
  31. Flag of Namibia Namibia
  32. Flag of the Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles
  33. Flag of New Caledonia New Caledonia
  34. Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
  35. Flag of Nigeria Nigeria
  36. Flag of Norway Norway
  1. Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
  2. Flag of Panama Panama
  3. Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
  4. Flag of Peru Peru
  5. Flag of the Philippines Philippines
  6. Flag of Poland Poland
  7. Flag of Russia Russia
  8. Flag of Rwanda Rwanda
  9. Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
  10. Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
  11. Flag of Saint Martin (France) Saint Martin
  12. Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  13. Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  14. Flag of South Africa South Africa
  15. Flag of Spain Spain
  16. Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  17. Flag of Suriname Suriname
  18. Flag of Swaziland Swaziland
  19. Flag of Sweden Sweden
  20. Flag of Tanzania Tanzania
  21. Flag of Thailand Thailand
  22. Flag of Togo Togo
  23. Flag of Tonga Tonga
  24. Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
  25. Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu
  26. Flag of Uganda Uganda
  27. Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
  28. Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  29. Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  30. Flag of the United States United States
  31. Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
  32. Flag of the British Virgin Islands Virgin Islands, British
  33. Flag of Zambia Zambia
  34. Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

RR TRADING prides itself in having a unique “One Stop Shopping” business model where we can provide all vehicle related services on the premises of our company. We can provide the following services:

  1. Stock for Sales
  2. Auction Agent: ability to access over 90,000 cars per week using both USS and AUC-Net auction systems
  3. Dismantling Services (C.K.D) and used parts in bulk: R.R. TRADING has a dismantling license and can dismantle any amount of cars using your preferred dismantling method
  4. Dismantling for Re-assembling: If you need your car to be partially or fully dismantled for further re-assembling, we can perform this task with utmost accuracy
  5. Container Loading Services: We can provide container loading services for both 20ft and 40ft containers for any type of goods allowed by the law
  6. Pre-Shipping Inspection: Our experienced technical specialists can inspect your car and make sure that it can be driven from day one of its arrival at your port
  7. Logistical Services: We can move any type of goods from any place in Japan to our company for further loading into containers and shipping to your desired destination

Consulting Services: We can help you purchase and ship any type of goods from Japan and will advise you the most cost effective way of doing it

We have well developed capabilities for a quick and cost effective pick up of any type of vehicles and commercial goods using either our own or our partner’s fleet of proper transporters. It provides us unmatched flexibility and cost effectiveness with the delivery.

One of the most important parts of our business model is our pre-shipment inspection facility. From day one of the existence of our company we did all that was possible in order to make sure that vehicles which are shipped leave Japan in the best possible condition so they can be driven right after they arrive at the destination port. Over the years we were constantly investing into our pre-shipment inspection facilities in order to increase the number of cars to be inspected and the depth of the inspection itself with the help of the state of the art computer diagnostics equipment. Inspection is conducted by our licensed mechanics.

From the very beginning we invested heavily in IT technology to make sure we have an effective auction cover all over Japan. With the help of our satellite auction system we have access to over 120 auctions nationwide (USS Group, AUC-net, I-AUC,) covering over 90,000 vehicles per week. We have access to the complete range of cars being auctioned starting from brand new Lexus brands and finishing with 1000 USD cars which are perfect for parts. With our high tech equipment our customers can enjoy the convenience of purchasing directly from our offices since the market rules allow the purchase of one out of 10 chosen cars with the needed budget and it wouldn’t be efficient going to 10 different auctions with their remote locations and only purchasing one car.

R.R. TRADING is engaged in a full range of activities both inside Japan and globally. We are constantly striving to maximize our operational efficiency and pass savings onto our customers in the form of low priced vehicles and parts. We have set the perfect operations systems:


  • Export and import of motor-vehicles
  • Export of used spare parts
  • Export of motorcycles and scooters
  • Export / Import Consulting
  • Market Entry and Marketing Consulting
  • Other

Company Address .
Shizuoka Ken, Numazu Shi, Ishikawa 67-8, Postal Code 410-0317, Japan.
Banking Details .
Suruga Bank , Numazu Central Branch ( 652 ), Shizuoka ken, Numazu City Japan
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+81-3-45780199, +81-345790393
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If you would like to have more information on it, please feel free to contact us by the methods listed below.

Phone :  +81-345780199
Fax :  +81-545332390

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